22 Feb.,2023


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Evaluation of Elastomeric Bearing Performance at Low Temperatures

  • A. Yakut


    J. Yura

  • Engineering

Recent studies on elastomeric bearings led to changes in the design specifications, which tend to indicate that bearings fabricated in the past, would fail the current test requirements. This is

  • 16

Material study of the steel reinforced elastomeric bridge bearings

  • Cong Sun

  • Engineering

Steel laminated elastomeric bearings are widely used in concrete bridges due to their low cost and long history of good structural performance. However, elastomeric bearings have not been used

  • 3

Static and Dynamic Behavior of Unbonded Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

  • Kemal Arman Domanic

  • Engineering

A positive connection between superstructure and substructure in vertical or horizontal directions cannot be achieved by use of unbonded elastomeric bearings. The horizontal connection of unbonded

  • PDF

Surveillance of the performance of elastomeric bearings on Marylands concrete bridges

  • Charles Joseph Angelilli

  • Engineering

Title of Document: SURVEILLANCE OF THE PERFORMANCE OF ELASTOMERIC BEARINGS ON MARYLANDS CONCRETE BRIDGES Charles J. Angelilli, Masters of Science, Civil Engineering, 2007 Directed By: Chung C. Fu,

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