‘I Am the Music Fountain! Welcome!’

20 Mar.,2023


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Evening Outing

The pipes and valves of the fountain are installed in the side of Dewey Hill, a long sand dune lying between the lake and the Grand River. The apparatus is invisible from the spectators' rows of benches across the river.

An unrewarding setting by day, the foun tain site takes on charm as the sun drops into the lake. Pleasure boats work their way up and down the river to drop anchor in front of the fountain while passengers await the start of the program.

At dusk on the night of our visit, the fountain began its show suddenly with the crashing horn chorus from Wagner's “Tann hauser,” which fairly shook our seats, even across the river. The water jets, glistening in a brilliant blue light, leaped up to a height of 100 feet.

The fountain gyrated through a spectrum of colors, mostly purples and blues, and through an ever‐changing sequence of wa ter. Then the music shifted to a medley from “My Fair Lady,” a theme from “Swan Lake,” several other popular numbers and then a stirring rendition of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” which ended the performance.

To many, the entertainment is high camp, and this impression is strengthened when a taped male voice at the start of each pro gram booms out, “I am the music fountain! Welcome!” But the narration quickly gives way to the music, with its light and water accompaniment.

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