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22 Aug.,2022


Steel Structure Workshop

November 1, 2019

4 Types Of Structural Steel: Which Steel Grade Is Right For Your Steel Construction Project?

When it comes to building materials, wood, stone and concrete all have their place -- but steel is king when it comes to strength, weight, cost and versatility. However, we don't recommend just buying any steel. You have to get the right structural steel for your project. That's where the experts at Greenville Steel come in!

In our huge inventory, we've always got the materials you need to erect a steel building on your property. Best of all, we can help you find the right stuff for the job. In most cases, you'll be fine using commonly available carbon steel -- but there are available steel alloys and heat-treated steels that can give you added strength and toughness if your structure needs it. Below, we'll introduce you to the four commonly available types of structural steel. When it's time to get started on your steel structure, the team at Greenville Steel is here to help. We're your local steel supplier in the Dallas area!