Does Low-E Glass Look Different?

25 Nov.,2022


low-e glass vs clear

Does Low-E Glass Look Different?

Low-E glass is a term that seems synonymous with energy-efficient replacement windows. It stands for “low emissivity” and simply means that it reduces the amount of heat transfer that occurs with windows. In the summertime, this means that less of that miserable New Orleans heat will enter your home through your windows. Instead, the heat is reflected back to its source – the sun. In the winter, this means that the heat that your furnace produces will be retained in your home to keep out drafts and ensure you remain warm and toasty inside.

Low-E is a window coating that is completely transparent. It’s not the same as tinted glass, which blocks out light but doesn’t reduce heat transfer. So, if you opt to add a low-E coating to your replacement windows, you won’t sacrifice visibility for energy efficiency. You’ll enjoy the same great views as with a normal window, but keep out the harmful UV rays that can fade your carpeting and furniture and heat up your home.

MaxHome Installs Replacement Windows That Have Low-E Glass

New Orleans-area homeowners can turn to MaxHome if they want new, energy-efficient replacement windows. We install replacement windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified when manufactured with Low-E glass. This glass package is more energy efficient in the summer and winter when compared to dual-pane glass, so you can expect exceptional thermal performance from your MaxWindows by MaxHome windows.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with MaxHome for new replacement windows, contact us today. We’re proud to help homeowners throughout New Orleans with their window replacement needs.