Does Anyone Use This Plywood?

23 Jul.,2022

I received an email from HD this week promoting "Select Cabinet-Grade 3/4" Radiata Pine Plywood." I have used radiata for door and window trim and molding...


High Quality Pine Plywood

I've used roughly half a dozen sheets. It isn't current in stock at my local HD - at least it wasn't last weekend. Most of the sheets I've used were for stuff in the shop. My main shop table, used as an assembly and outfeed table, is made of this. I also have a painted cabinet in my bathroom made of it. I bought birch and maple plywood for my current project which will be painted. But the dresser I recently finished was made of Sandeply and it definitely takes paint worse than the Chillean pine plywood.

I don't think it is great plywood but it is pretty good for the price. I would use it again for painted furniture but prefer birch or maple face veneer. The interior plys are pretty good in this pine plywood but not completely free of voids. The face veneers are good on one side and sometimes really nice on the back side - that varies. I've also used sub-floor plywood in the shop before and this stuff is LOTS better than subfloor plywood.