3 Disastrous Mosaic Tile Related Issues & Their Solutions

28 Feb.,2023


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Mosaic Tile Problems Commonly Faced – and their Solutions

Before you invest your time and money in choosing a customized glass mosaic tile design for your home, read through some of these common issues, and save yourself from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Mosaic tile patterns have been a popular way to beautify interior and exterior spaces for thousands of years. The major reasons behind mosaic art had withstood the test of time are; durability and limitless design possibilities. Mosaic combines aesthetics with practical function.

While mosaics can be made using a variety of different materials, we shall focus on modern glass mosaics in this article. Small colorful glass tiles can be arranged together to make beautiful patterns, designs, abstract art and images. The design options are infinite. Glass mosaic tile art can be installed just about anywhere – walls, backsplashes, shower areas, feature walls, spas and even swimming pools and even curved 3D surfaces such as domes. With so many design and application possibilities, you can count on finding something to suit every taste and style.

The longevity of mosaic tile depends on the quality of mosaic tiles and the material used to install it. Oftentimes, the installation process may be the difference between mosaic tile disaster and a perfectly laid mosaic work that lasts you decades with minimum maintenance.

Whether it is for a brand new space or a renovation project, if you’re in the market for mosaic there are a few things you need to consider and research. Trust me, your future self will thank you for this. See if the mosaic tile you’re ordering is suitable for the type of environment you want to install it in, check the specification or get them from a trusted tile store. How the mosaic sheets are mounted is important. While mesh-backed mosaic is suitable in most cases, some projects require paper faced mosaic sheets. Glass mosaic tiles for swimming pools should be paper-faced, this allows maximum coverage of bonding materials and would not leave any room for mold. Similarly, in case of mosaic designs with more translucent glass tesserae, paper-faced mosaic is preferred over mesh-backed one.

If the mosaic is being shipped in from another place, talk to your supplier about secure packaging and best logistics options. Always add an overage of at least 10-15%, it will come in handy later. Most importantly, get a tile installer/contractor who is an expert at mosaic. A tile installer with no experience with a mosaic might not be right for the job. From the surface preparation to the knowledge of the material that should be used for installation, a good mosaic tile installer would have everything covered. Do not compromise on the materials, good quality adhesive and grout are vital.

We previously shared some common problems with ordering custom mosaics and ways to avoid them. Here are some further mosaic tile problems and what you can do to minimize the risk to virtually zero:

Installation Disasters

Having your custom made mosaic tile ruined because of installation problems is the last thing you, we know! However, there are many mosaic projects that face an unfortunate fate just because the installation was sub-par. Following are just some of the ways poor installation can affect what could have been a mosaic tile masterpiece.

Glass or marble mosaic tiles are uneven

This could be a result of not adequately preparing the surface or an uneven application of adhesive. Other problems include grout lines that are not equal, which creates an unsightly patchy effect. Grout lines should be uniform throughout the mosaic to achieve a seamless look.

Solution: An expert tile installer – Getting a trustworthy tile installer will almost eliminate the risk of all the installation issues mentioned above. Sometimes, the tile installer would try to put the blame of their own mistake over the mosaic tile or installation material used. An expert mosaic tile contractor would know the best techniques and can recommend which laying and fixing material would suit your project the best. Make sure that the tile contractor you hire, has prior experience with mosaic tile installation. Ask to see photographs from their previous projects. Authentic testimonials are always a plus.

Mosaic Tiles Start Falling Off

This could be caused by a number of reasons from low-quality adhesive and grout material to the wrong use of standard laying and fixing materials to using the wrong kind of backing for mosaic sheets.

Solution: We recommend adhesive and grout by MAPEI and Laticrete. Your tile contractor can recommend other reliable options that are good with mosaics as well. Furthermore, if you are ordering mosaic for a swimming pool or another space that is submerged in water, make sure that you ask your mosaic provider to send paper face-mounted mosaic instead of mesh back-mounted one. Mesh back is a big no-no for pool mosaic tiles, as it limits the adhesive surface area and creates tiny gaps that accumulate mold over time, which can be a serious mosaic tile problem.

Mosaic Gets Damaged in Transit

If you are picking up your mosaic yourself, you probably do not need to worry about this. However, if your mosaic is getting shipped from another location to you, there is always a risk of damage during transit. Reasons might include, mishandling of packages, poorly packed mosaic or just the regular shaking and turbulence associated with various forms of transportation.

Solution: Properly packing the mosaic is vital for its safety. We have an exclusive packing system where we make a custom wooden box for each project that we ship out. It is further lined with special packing material to cushion the mosaic and minimize the impact of shocks and shakes. The damage risks are greatly controlled just by paying a little extra attention to the packing and opting for insurance. Furthermore, we have some trusted logistics partners such as DHL, who do their best to safely deliver your easy-to-assemble mosaics to your doorstep.

Tip: It is a good idea to order a little overage. We add extra pieces of every mosaic color with each order just in case. The overage also has an added benefit – extra pieces always come in handy for minor adjustments during installation.

For more mosaic related issues and their solutions, have a look at this article. If you have further concerns and queries, just drop us a message and a mosaic expert will get in touch with you.

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