The Benefits of Oral Progesterone/Melatonin/Theanine

22 Nov.,2022


Progesterone Powder

If you are a woman in your mid-30s to late-50s, you may be experiencing menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, irregular periods, just to name a few. This is because during the perimenopause (5-10 years before menopause) and menopause stages, women experience subtle to drastic changes in hormones, specifically the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Aside from the major hormonal change, physical, and psychological changes also happen.    

In this age group, more women suffer from sleeping disorders than men, but while these stages of life are inevitable, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer the symptoms, especially the sleeping problems. Sleep is vital since the immune system works and does the repairs during our sleep that make the body function properly. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause a number of health problems including forgetfulness, weight gain, accidents, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and strokes. So, it is important to address the sleeping problems related to hormonal changes.   

Fortunately, researchers have been working to address this issue for these particular stages in women’s health. We now have oral Progesterone/Melatonin/Theanine capsules. Read on to learn more about this innovative therapy.   



What is oral progesterone/melatonin/theanine?  


Like most formulations, the most common, most convenient, and easiest to administer ones are the oral (through the mouth) preparations. Progesterone/melatonin/theanine capsules are available only through a compounding pharmacy and require a prescription. This medication is prepared by a registered pharmacist. The preparation is 100mg of progesterone, 1mg of melatonin, and 200mg of theanine, in slow-release vegetable or gelatin capsules.   



What can oral Progesterone/Melatonin/Theanine do?  


Progesterone is a female sex hormone produced in the ovaries after ovulation. It is responsible for thickening the lining of the uterus to prepare it for pregnancy. It’s also important for breast development and breastfeeding. When taken orally, progesterone is converted into allopregnenolone, the one responsible for the “sleep effect”. Allopregnenolone helps the user to doze off and to stay asleep. Progesterone also helps regulate cognitive function, social behavior, and mood. It may also help in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, and restless sleep. This hormone can help reduce the unpleasant pre-, peri-, and menopausal symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, cramps, mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia.   

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, located just above the middle of the brain. Its primary function is to set our sleep-wake pattern. It helps prepare the body to sleep since it’s mostly produced in the evening---before going to bed. Only a little amount is produced during daytime since light suppresses its release. Melatonin helps improve the quality of sleep. Evidence also suggests its role in relieving chronic pelvic pain in endometriosis.   

L-Theanine (or Theanine) is an amino acid that can be found in tea leaves and in some mushrooms. It has a calming effect that helps prevent the symptoms of anxiety during menopause. Theanine also helps in improving memory, learning, and focus, while enhancing mood because of its effect on the release of relaxation-related neurotransmitters (chemicals) in the brain. Additionally, studies have shown that it helps in lowering the blood pressure, improving the quality of sleep, and maintaining healthy weight.   

The best part is, we have combined all three ingredients into one easy-to-swallow capsule to help improve women’s quality of sleep, especially during the perimenopause and menopause stages. Consult your physician about this combination to see if it’s right for you, especially if you are taking heart medications.   



Where to get compounded oral Progesterone/Melatonin/Theanine capsules? 


Only a compounding pharmacy can dispense compounded medications, such as Progesterone/Melatonin/Theanine capsules. Talk to one of The Compounding Center’s friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists and we will happily provide you with information about this combination.   




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