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19 Aug.,2022


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One Pack Systems (OPS)

SONGNOX® One Pack Systems (OPS) optimize customers' additivation operations

To help customers deal with the complexity of additivation, SONGWON offers flexible solutions, called “One Pack Systems”, consisting of a multi-component blend of additives integrated into a dust-free, pelletized form.

SONGNOX® OPS are 100% active additive blends, tailored from a wide range of additive products to meet customers’ needs. Homogeneous and highly accurate in composition, the pre-dispersed pellets can be easily processed into a polymer matrix. OPS help to optimize our customers’ compounding processes, improving dosing accuracy, minimizing dust, increasing process reliability and reducing quality control & logistics costs.

Thanks to their high consistency, OPS can be of particular value to a wide range of industries and applications where end-use specifications are critical. Additionally, OPS do not require the use of the carrier materials often needed where separate powder additives are combined.

SONGNOX® OPS product range

  • High melter blends Processing at lower temperature and reduced sheer stress
  • Low melter blends Tailored processing solutions
  • Nucleator & clarifier blends Improved re-dispersion
  • Highly loaded UV blends Robust processing of oligomeric HALS
  • Blends including liquid components Powders and liquids in one durable pellet