HPMC Supplier in China-Melacoll US Brand Mikem Chemical

26 Oct.,2022


hydroxypropyl methylcellulose wholesale

What’s the MOQ of MelaColl HPMC product ?

We accept a minimum order quantity of 1 ton.

What’s your sample policy of HPMC?

We offer 200-600g free sample depending on your needs.

Can you give me the packing size of 1T of HPMC ?

We use pallet to hold the Cellulose Ether, Each pallet can hold about 500KG.

The size of each pallet after pack the HPMC is:1.1m*1.1m*1.2m =1.45CBM

What’s the dosage of HPMC on Wall putty?

We have suggest formulation for customer, but the actual dosage depend on your usage habit and actual effect.

What's the weight of each bag ?

We use PE paper bags of 25 kg to pack our products.

What is the dosage of HPMC in C1 and C2?

For C1, we suggest 2kg-2.5kg per ton. And 2.5kg-3kg per ton for C2.

Who is MIKEM Chemical?

MIKEM Chemical Shandong is a United State Based Company established in 2019, 2 years after our US Headquarters were established in Dallas, Texas, The United States.

With decades of experience in the cutting-edge technology of cellulose ethers, Our Founder Mr. Cui, as a technician, created the Mikem brand himself.

How can I use your Melacoll cellulose ether based on different industry?

Melacoll is for Cellulose ether like HEMC, HPMC, HEC. We have grades with viscosity from 400 to 80,000 MPa Brookfield and 200,000 MPa in NDJ standard.

For applications, our products were separated into 3 main sectors: Joint compound/Paints & Coatings/Household and daily care.

Please suggest your HPMC grades and application industry for plaster and wall putty?

HPMC 45000/MHEC 45000 is a best seller, viscosity: 40000--55000, ensures superior quality and high efficiencies when applied to job sites. take a look at the formula chart to see how you can customize your products to gain a competitive advantage

What is your recommended HPMC grades for waterproofing mortar?

Waterproofing mortar: MP45000 with viscosity 40000-55000

The grade promises a good fluidity and excellent water retention

Formula to this grades: for 1 ton of the Water resistance wall putty or mortar, you need 1.5-2 kg of HPMC/HEMC

Reference formular for Waterproof mortar Weight(kg) Materials 450 Ordinary Portland cement 42.5 520 Sand (30-80 mesh/0.10-0.80m) 20-25 at least Re-dispersible Polymer Powder(RDP) ET3060 1.5-2 HPMC MP45000 2 Water repellent 1-2 Superplasticizer 1-2 Defoamer powder 1000  



What do you recommended HPMC grades according to tile adhesive?

0.2.5-0.3 % HPMC MP70000 or HEMC ME70000

Our MelaColl and Mikrant products are high-performance additives widely used in cement applications. The addition of our performance additives in mortars or concretes can significantly enhance its processing feature and final product performance.

How do you ensure your HPMC quality?

Our happy customers say everything. Customers will establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us. Plus the supervisor from the U.S. headquarters will regularly send QC inspectors to supervise our Production line( We have a quality prosecutor resident for long in the Chinese market. They are strict at every level ).

Considering the Pandemic in recent months, all the quality inspections are carried out by local reports and conducted online. But there was no slack. We will send samples for random inspection regularly. If it fails, we will be required to limit the output.

Why is the viscosity of your product higher than Dow or Ashland and Lotte?

The difference in viscosity between the two products is because Melacoll and Walocel adopt different production processes and raw materials. WALOCEL uses fine wood cotton, which determines its good water retention. While MELACOLL, using** refined cotton** as the raw material, has a thickening property twice that of ordinary products.

The intention we designed the high viscosity products is for saving customers' expenses. When the viscosity is high, the dosage does not need to be too large, which saves our clients' expenses.

Do you have FDA, BFR or GB for your HPMC product ?

At present, our products are mainly of construction grade and daily chemical grade. We will develop food grade and pharma grade in the future.

Why do we add 2% HPMC according to your TDS the detergent is not transparent?

2% dosage is the proportion to test the Brucelloy viscosity by water solution, which is not the actual dosage.

How many a container contains of HPMC?

Please check the picture our packaging.