Butyric Acid 787 mg per Sachet

03 Feb.,2023


what is tributyrin

After having taken the product for more than 2 month now I seem to have fewer severe Functional Gastrointestinal & Motility Disorder (FGIMD) episodes, such as IBS. For full transparency I have to disclose that I am also taking another Tributyrin/Butyric Acid supplement twice a day. When I did my research, two specific products came out consistently on top. Hence, I take both, figuring I can't go wrong with either one. The other product is in liquid gel capsule form and I take it morning and afternoon. I take Butycaps right before bed, mixed with my casein protein shake due to its taste.

You can read my initial review below:
(My initial 4-star rating is based on the fact that I have not been taking the product long enough to honestly evaluate it. I started taking Butycaps a couple of weeks ago for my severe IBS, after reading several medical publications discussing recent research into the positive effects of Tributeryn/Butyric Acid on patients suffering from IBS, Crohn's and other GI conditions. A promising study focusing on the GI symptoms of Gulf War veterans caught my particular attention, as I fall into this category.

I did an initial research into Tributyrin/Butyric Acid, followed by additional research into the best available sources on the market, and narrowed it down to two products, Butycaps being one of them. As aforementioned, I have only taken the product for about two weeks, and don't expect any noticeable improvements for at least another couple of weeks, at which time I will post an update. That being said, the clinical evidence clearly demonstrates the beneficial effects of Tributyrin/Butyric Acid, and I am hopeful that it will help ease my symptoms. More to follow.)