How To Prevent Hand Eczema, According To Dermatologists

20 Jul.,2022

Hand eczema is a real thing. Here, dermatologists share how to treat and prevent further dryness.


Hand Sanitizer


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Stock Up on the Best Non-Drying Hand Sanitizers

It’s time to put that knowledge to the test! But, before you take your newfound hand sanitizer facts to the store for some firsthand searching, here are the best non-drying hand sanitizers, according to our dermatologists.


Advanced Refreshing Aloe Sanitizer


“I find that the Purell Advanced Refreshing Aloe Sanitizer is easily accessible and helps to prevent drying without sacrificing the integrity of the sanitizer itself,” explains Nichols. The formula features 70% ethyl alcohol, so it's considered highly effective by the CDC.


Power Mist


Beloved for its chic appearance, colorful offering, and effective formula, TouchLand hand sanitizer is a fan-favorite among most people, including Nichols. “TouchLand Power Mist has aloe vera and lemon essential oil to help hydrate hands and provide a fresh, clean smell,” she says.

La Roche-Posay

Purifying Hand Sanitizer Gel


“My favorite is LaRoche-Posay Purifying Hand Sanitizer Gel,” Hartman says, “It has a pleasant smell, delivers effective cleansing between hand washings, and leaves my hands feeling hydrated. [What’s more,] it contains glycerin and keeps hands clean and full of moisture.”

The Honest Company

Hand Sanitizer Spray


“It doubles as a moisturizer containing both glycerin and aloe vera to balance the alcohol,” Hartman says. While it only features 62% ethyl alcohol, it's within the CDC's range, as they recommend above 60% ethanol and above 70% isopropanol.

Baby Bum

Hand Sanitizer


Board-certified dermatologist Scott Paviol is a fan of Baby Bum’s Hand Sanitizer, which features Monoi coconut oil and aloe vera along with alcohol, to not only sanitizer hands but deeply nourish them too.