Bubbles In Your Nail Polish: The Reason & The Remedy

15 Nov.,2022


what causes bubbles in gel nail polish

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post here this morning in case anyone else ever has this problem. I painted my nails last night and when I woke up in the morning I was surprised to see little specks on my nails. Upon further inspection, I saw that they were air bubbles! What a way to ruin a manicure

Why do air bubbles in your nail polish happen?

They happen when air gets incorporated into your polish and then you put it on your nails. The air bubbles can’t be seen at first and slowly come to the surface, and when they do SURPRISE! air bubbles ruining your nails. Another way bubbles appear in your polish is when you apply polish too thick, too quickly. One thick coat is fine, if you need several thick coats and you do them quickly.. prepare for bubbles.

How can I prevent air bubbles from happening?

It’s really easy. You know how you automatically just start shaking up your nail polish when you pick it up? Don’t. If your nail polish needs mixing, roll it between your hands. I like to lay it on its side, hold it by the lid and “roll” it in the air while trying to keep the bead in it in once space. That’s just a fun little game for me, haha. If your nail polish is stubborn and wont mix either buy a bb and put it inside the bottle to help mix it or shake the heck outta it and then leave it alone for a few hours before painting your nails. If the problem is too thick of coats, too quickly you can either apply thinner coats, and/or allow a couple of minutes between coats. I sometimes apply a coat of polish, reply to a couple posts on Twitter, then come back for the next coat. I especially do this if I know I’m going to need multiple coats of polish. The few extra minutes is well worth it. If you’ve ever spent time doing your nails only to find bubbles just when you thought everything was lookin good, you’ll agree with me.

What can I do if I see I have air bubbles?

Depending on how soon they emerge you may be able to smooth them out with a healthy coat of Seche Vite. If you’re too late for that, you can either apply another coat of nail polish to fill them in or remove the polish and try again.

Happy polishing!

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