17 Best Hand Sanitizers 2022

20 Jul.,2022

The best hand sanitizers, including Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer, Solimo Hand Sanitizer, Gold Bond Hydrating Hand Sanitizing Gel, Purell Clean Scent Advanced Hand Sanitizer, Sanit Hand Sanitizer Gel, Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, and more.


Hand Sanitizer

Dozens of reviewers raved about this kid-friendly foaming hand sanitizer’s alcohol-free formula, which, according to one, means that “your hands don’t dry out with multiple uses per day and you aren’t overwhelmed since there is no scent.” But because it is alcohol-free, it won’t kill coronavirus or norovirus, if that’s your goal, so this is more for those looking to rid themselves of germs without drying out their hands, which is what dozens of reviewers say it accomplishes. Many mention that this non-drying and fragrance-free hand sanitizer doesn’t exacerbate already dry or problem skin. “I am sensitive to some fragrances and my daughter gets [eczema] on her hands,” one reviewer writes. “This is one of the few sanitizers that we both can use, hooray!” One new parent “bought these for all around the house especially when baby was brand new and guests were coming over. Very foamy and no smell. Helped not dry out the hands from using it a lot as well.” As for its germ-killing abilities, one reviewer writes they, “haven’t gotten sick yet so maybe it’s doing its job. All I know is if I was using Purell as much as I use this, I would have cracked dry fingers and hands by now.” If you’re looking for something smaller, the travel size of this hand sanitizer also comes highly recommended by reviewers. Alternatively, the bargain 16-ounce bottle of this formula is under $10.