What Is A UHP Tire?

30 Sep.,2022


UHP Tire

Sep. 03, 2022

What Is A UHP Tire?

What Is ultra-high performance (UHP) tires?

UHP tire is short name of ultra-high performance tire, which is designed to focus on superior handling and traction for a sportier feel and enhanced driving experience. This is the tire for those looking for maximum grip for their sports cars and SUVs. 


Features of UHP Tire

The distinguishing feature of ultra-high performance tires is not only their size, but also their outstanding ability in the most demanding situations. Ultra-performance tires can be 18 inches or larger in diameter. Fit a set of UHP tires to your performance car and you can experience sporty driving pleasure, improved steering precision and cornering stability, and smoother lane changes.

A range of UHP tires has been developed with continuous care, which can handle the higher speeds, torque and G-forces generated by the vehicle's extra horsepower, enhanced brakes and sports suspension. These tires will provide performance characteristics and safety margins you can trust, so you can enjoy driving to the fullest.


Advantages of UHP Tire

► Precise steering behavior;

► Optimum grip in all driving situations;

► Precise steering behavior;

► Short braking distance in wet and dry conditions;

► Very high safety when braking;

► Asymmetry of tread pattern design. This means that the outer shoulder of the tire is different from the inner shoulder. This has a particularly positive effect on handling and cornering;

► A large center band on the tire ensures high tire stiffness, providing the driver with good steering precision and responsive feedback.




The reasons why you need UHP tires

• Your vehicle is initially equipped with OE ultra-high pressure tires
If your vehicle is developed, tested and sold with UHP tires, UHP tires are a must in order to fully maintain their performance attributes.

• You take a "spiritual" drive
(subject to speed limits and all road laws of course) You don't need a track to appreciate the benefits of UHP tires. Through the corners of your favorite trails, and of course on windy mountain roads, UHP tires will shine with consistent performance and feedback compared to smaller alternatives.

• You participate or want to participate in driving events like autocross & HPDE
In autocross or track environments, UHP tires are almost mandatory, even at the beginner/novice level. In these driving environments, tires are subjected to repetitive, constant pressure that is too much for a standard tire. Severe sidewall and tread damage, as well as dangerously varying traction (grip), passing through one corner instead of the next, can happen in a single session with non-performance tires.

Modern UHP tires like the Continental ExtremeContact Sport and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S are specifically designed to withstand these pressures and provide sustained performance. Dual-purpose, road and track performance tires reach new heights in the current generation.

• You are someone who appreciates the handling, power and feel of a vehicle
UHP tires can take out any "cargo" your vehicle's chassis has to offer and provide the greatest amount of road and chassis feedback. If you enjoy interacting with your car and the road, UHP tires will add to that sense of connection/engagement.

• You want to maximize the usable performance of your vehicle
Maximum vehicle performance, traction and capability cannot be achieved without UHP tires. Quite simply, UHP tires are a must if you want to extract and enjoy the best performance out of your vehicle.

• Maximum performance = maximum safety
At first glance, UHP tires may be seen as firmly on the side of discretion, perhaps even frivolous. But the truth is that they offer maximum grip and performance and therefore maximum safety. This is often an overlooked, underrated element of the UHP tire equation. Decades of tire testing data from around the world show that UHP tires provide the shortest braking distances, maximum vehicle control in extreme maneuvers (evasive maneuvers), maximum lateral grip and excellent traction on wet surfaces.


Use UHP tires to maximize the performance window of your car.



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