Motorized Golf Carts | Electric Golf Push Carts USA

27 Feb.,2023


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THE #1 MOTORIZED Electric Golf Cart

Designed to conquer the diverse American landscape, the Zip Series Navigator Electric Golf Carts go everywhere you do. Instead of lugging your golf bag or pulling a cart around and compromising your golf game – the Zip Navigator will ensure you play your best game.

Controlled by a full directional remote, the Zip Navigator can be effortlessly manoeuvred left, right, forward and in reverse enabling you to conserve your energy for the game. Keep your Navigator at a set distance out of the way whilst you play and summon it at your leisure. Shop our range of electric golf carts for sale online now.


Compact, durable, and incredibly versatile, our electric golf carts are the ultimate accessory for golfers of any standard.

  • Simple to fold and compact for easy transport and storage.
  • Patented gyroscope straight tracker technology keeps the cart on track across any terrain.
  • The largest capacity Lithium-ion battery will ensure your cart goes the distance.
  • A huge range of accessories available to enhance convenience.
  • A generous warranty provides peace of mind.


Constructed using only the finest materials, the Zip Navigator can handle the most demanding of courses with ease and is packed with innovative features such as twin calibrated motors for power and agility and automatic downhill speed control for safety. MGI has built a formidable reputation based on experience, innovation, and quality of design. Being the world leader in electric golf cart technology, MGI has revolutionised the concept of motorised golf carts. Incorporating the latest technology and superior design, if you are looking for an electric golf cart for sale, the Zip Navigator will never let you down. Shop yours online today.

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