How To Install Agency Power Infiniti Q50 Catback Exhaust System – Agency Power

23 Feb.,2023


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This guide is to help with the installation of the Agency Power Catback Exhaust for Infiniti Q50.

Install Level:  

STEP 1 – Unbolt the 4 factory bolts from down-pipes to X-pipe.

STEP 2 – Unbolt the 4 factory bolts from mid-pipes to the muffler. Remove the hangers from bushings on the factory muffler and carefully remove from Q50.

STEP 3 – For easier removal and install AP recommends removing the cross-brace. This does not have to be removed. (If left in place remove the 2 bolts that connect the x-pipe to mid-pipes.) Remove mid-pipe hangers from bushings and carefully take off pipe assembly.

STEP 4 – Place provided gaskets on the down-pipes. Then line up the X-pipe onto bolts and tighten the nuts keeping loose for movement.

STEP 5 – If cross-brace was removed re-install.

STEP 6 – Place provided gaskets between the x-pipe and mid-pipe. Insert the mid-pipes into hanger in bushing. Then tighten the nuts and bolts keeping loose for movement. Repeat on other side.

STEP 7 – Place muffler hanger in bushing. With provided gaskets put between mid-pipe flange and muffler. Tighten the bolts keeping loose for movement. Check for clearance on hanger and exhaust. They may need to be adjust for best fitment. Repeat on other side.

STEP 8 – Once exhaust is adjusted tighten the bolts and adjust for best fit.

Installation is Complete

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