How to choose the right auto parts for your car?

24 Oct.,2022


Camshaft And Crankshaft

If you have a car, there always comes a moment when you need to repair it and replace some parts. And here begins a long search and consideration of suitable auto parts.

Ordinary or online auto parts store?

Anyone who wants to buy auto parts faces a dilemma: look for parts in an online store or store near a garage. Many modern motorists focus on online shopping.

There are catalogs in online stores where you can find a wide range of types, brands and prices for any auto parts. Each item has a corresponding photo and a detailed description (technical specifications, manufacturer, dimensions, etc.)

Most online stores allow you to compare prices and in the descriptions of auto parts indicate whether it is an original or budget equivalent. A big plus of online auto parts stores is that they not only reduce the time to search for spare parts, but also allow you to find what you are looking for without undue delay in accordance with the following technical parameters:

  • Brand name;
  • Model;
  • Year of car manufacture;
  • VIN number (This number is an alphanumeric code located on the vehicle data sheet and printed on chassis cars)

When shopping in the online store, you also save money, since this type of store works with a lower mark-up and often offers auto parts with decent discounts.

Original, OEM or possible analogues

To find the right auto parts for your car, you need to know about the differences between the types of parts.

Original auto parts

This type of auto parts are the original components that were installed on your car during its manufacture. Usually original spare parts are of very high quality, but quite expensive at a price. Often, such parts are manufactured under the brand name of a car manufacturer.

OEM parts

OEM auto parts are manufactured on the equipment of the manufacturer. This means that in their production they use the same components, materials and technologies that were used by the company that produced the brand and model of the car. The difference from the original is that parts can be manufactured for other brands of cars.

OEM parts also have a seal for the approval of the car manufacturer, which ensures that the manufactured car components are genuine products. The quality of such parts is extremely high, and their price is slightly lower than the original.

Analogs (under license)

This type of parts is manufactured by companies other than the manufacturer. They buy production rights and produce parts under license (observing all the technical requirements described by the manufacturer of the original automobile parts).

In the production of parts of this type there may be slight differences from the original, but the quality is high, and auto parts are fully compatible with the make and model of the car. The advantage of such a replacement is that the price of the part is much lower than that of the original and OEM parts.

In addition to these three main types of auto parts, there are several other types:

Recovered automotive parts are used parts that have been disassembled. They change the worn out elements, and then reassemble, but with new components. They are then checked to make sure they work like new. Reconditioned auto parts usually perform their functions in the same way as new ones, and their price is much lower.

Refurbished auto parts - differ from reconstructed parts in that they are not completely disassembled, but only some of their elements are thoroughly cleaned and replaced or modified. Their price is quite low, but their quality and durability are not at a high level.

Used automotive parts are used parts that have been cleaned and some parts have been replaced. Used parts are offered at fairly low prices. But since you cannot be sure how long they will perform their functions, it is recommended to use them only when replacing automotive components that do not affect the operation of the car (for example, handles, upholstery, canopy, mirrors, etc.).

If you need to replace a car element related to performance or vehicle safety, our advice is not to rely on used car parts.

Practical Tips for Choosing Reliable Auto Parts

There are several crucial factors that can help you make the right choice.

Car age

The age of the car is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right parts. For example, if your car is new or 3-4 years old, the best solution would be to search for original spare parts.

If he is of a decent age, then buying original spare parts does not make much sense, and you can focus on analogues or even on used spare parts.

Type of part to be replaced

If the part to be replaced plays an important role in the performance, efficiency and safety of the car, the best solution is to search for original or OEM parts. If the automotive parts you want to replace are not one of the most important components for operating a car, you can safely use analogues from leading manufacturers.


Whatever the case, the price you have to pay for the auto part is very important. And there is no doubt that the owner of the car will want to pay a reasonable price for auto parts with high quality and reliability.

For many, a reasonable approach to choosing auto parts is to search among the original products.
They are more expensive, but you will return your investment, since these types of parts have a much larger working resource compared to budget counterparts.

Used or new auto parts?

This question has no right or wrong answer. It all depends on the motorist. Nevertheless, experts advise not to buy used parts if your car is new or this part is important for the performance and safety of the vehicle.

If you nevertheless decide to take advantage of lower prices for used spare parts and save money, before buying, pay attention to whether the spare part is compatible with the model and make of the car, and whether it is worn out. If you buy in an online store, see if there is an option for a preview and the period during which you can return a part.

Be very careful as you cannot be completely sure that the part you buy and install in your car is of good quality. It is also impossible to determine exactly how long it will work before it needs to be replaced.

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