Buying UHP Tires: All You Need to Know

30 Sep.,2022


UHP Tire

Buying UHP Tires: All You Need to Know

Buying ultra high performance (UHP) tires is a great idea. Provided, of course, you pick the best ones for your beloved muscle car or performance hellraiser. To that end we've put together a list of tips on making the best choice in the performance rubber department. For your car, not, well, you know...

Radial Profiling: Finding the Right Tire for Your Driving Style

Step one is knowing what's what and applying it to your brand of driving. Ultra high performance means different things for different drivers.

Tire companies know that and target their offerings accordingly. The Nitto NT05 is a stunning gripper that really shines at the track, the strip, or canyon carving the twisties. But if your car is a luxury liner you want better performance without sacrificing that luxurious feel, making the Invo a better choice. Here are more insights into finding the right tire for your driving style.

Riddle Me This: Why Do You Need Ultra High Performance Tires?

"But why do I need ultra high performance tires?" you ask. I guess you don't. That is, unless you want to get the most out of that high-performance vehicle you put all that money into.

I'm guessing that if you wanted a medium-performance vehicle, you'd have gotten one. Why would you not want to get most out of a car you bought for the shear joy of driving it? UHP tires help you do that. When was the last time you saw NBA players running up and down the court in flip-flops? Never. They need the best traction and performance in a shoe. So does your car. If you need more reasons why, here you go.

Old Car, New Life: New Tires Can Make an Old Car Feel New Again

For as much as you love that old Trans Am, Camaro, or other resto-mod for its classic feel, you'd probably hate the tires it came with back in the days of disco (or mullets, for you '80s owners).

Classic looks and feel in the cockpit are great. But so much as changed in the world of tires that UHPs bring new confidence to the mix and may actually enhance the ride quality that drew you to that old muscle car in the first place. Allow us to elaborate on that.

A Tread for All Seasons: Testing the NT555 G2 Tire on the Street and Track

For as much as UHPs can be targeted toward one type of driving, some are more versatile.

If your car multi-tasks as a daily driver, weekend track warrior, and/or commuter, there are ultra high performance tires that handle all three. Follow along as Mike Garrett gives you insight into his adventures with the Nitto NT555 G2 on his Ford Mustang GT to see what we mean.

Size Matters: How To Fit Bigger Tires to Your Car

Yes, I know, that's a tired old trope but it still applies here. Not in terms of the bigger-is-better we industry folk love to preach when it comes to engine displacement.

In this case it means knowing the right size. Namely, the proper clearances for going to a larger UHP for your car. Numbers don't lie, be it here or on the dyno. Knowing your clearances before you buy tires is essential when going up in size. Here's everything you need to know about measuring beforehand.

League of Legends: King of Drag Racing Uses an Ultra High Performance Tire 

And of course the pros understand how well UHP tires pair with high-horsepower, custom engines in a muscle car, too.

Two legends in the business know that very well: Pat Musi and Edelbrock. UHP tires can handle punishment that annihilates lesser tread (or at least sends it to therapy). Ultra high means exactly that: hardcore performance characteristics. Check out the full story on what happened when the Musi-Edelbrock 555 and the Nitto NT555 got together.

Se7en: What Does an Ultra High Performance Tire Look like?

Which leads us to the Nitto NT555 G2 itself. The company bills it as an ultra high performance summer tire and they're right; it's versatility and superior handling make it great for the conditions you find that time of year, including wet track or summer rain. But it's also a lot of fun off the line, stable, and very adept in the corners. Yet it also looks hot on a variety of custom vehicles, too. Like, say, these seven:

1. The Challenger and the Charger:

A father/son duo whose performance bumble bees pack a mean sting. And look good doing it.

2. Masterpiece Theatre:

Doug Liechty's Mustang has been dubbed a Steeda masterpiece. But would that be true without the right tires?

3. Bargain Hunter:

This C5 Z06 Corvette packs a rep as a real bargain. This one has seen some upgrades, including the NT555 G2.

4. Black Panther:

Inspired by Marvel's Black Panther, this Chevy Camaro SS brings dark sexy to new heights.

5. Bullitt Proof:

Ever since Steve McQueen put a Mustang Hatchback through one of the most memorable movie chases in history in Bullitt, Ford has brought the car back periodically to commemorate the occasion. Case in point: this one with NT555 G2 tires on it.

Clean and Mean:

Chad Schneider's `66 Mustang was the child of two car bodies but you'd never know it to look at it. 

King of the Road:

20-inch Shelby CS40 wheels beautify this Mustang GT500KR and owner Bill Johnson did justice to them with the NT555 G2 also.