The "Boring" Winter Accessory That Can Make Any Outfit Look Luxe

07 Mar.,2023


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Anyone who lives in a cold climate has likely rolled out of bed on a frigid winter day and felt an overwhelming sense of either excitement or dread. Those first few weeks of cold weather can qualify as exciting because you finally get to wear that chunky sweater without sweating, and you can pull your beloved lug-sole boots out of storage. On the other hand, there comes the point mid-winter when even the most fashionable people can fall into a winter-dressing slump—the oversized puffer coats, excessive layering, and lack of sunlight past 5 p.m. begin to get to you. In those moments, you need to have an arsenal of accessories to bring back some of the excitement around winter dressing. What's better for that purpose than a pair of leather gloves? 

Hear me out on this: While most think of this as a staple that's just for maintaining warmth, it's actually the easy way to elevate any winter outfit. And to prove that point, I've done extensive image research to show how leather gloves are not only trending, but through styling, they've surpassed being a "boring" staple and moved into being a statement accessory. Keep reading to see how to style leather gloves to add a luxurious twist to all your winter outfits.

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