A Guide To Men’s Leather Gloves: Why You Should Invest In A Pair — The Peak Lapel

07 Mar.,2023


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Evening gloves: This variation of the glove is relatively rare to see in contemporary times, primarily due to the pure age of the tradition and the decline in white tie events in today's society. Nevertheless, these unlined white gloves still have their place at the most prestigious events where only the most formal dress code is appropriate. Evening gloves do come in many materials varying from linen to silk, but the highest quality ones will be made from Nappa Leather or Kidskin, both very thin and soft leathers which are able to create the finest fit to accompany the rest of your attire. 

Leather Glove Materials

The materials used vary immensely and are heavily dependent on the price you’re willing to pay. Quality comes at a price as do the best leathers and linings. The construction of the glove can be split into the inner and outer sections, each of which makes use of rather contrasted materials:


If unlined, the entire outer of the glove needs to be soft, stretchy, durable and insulating for the glove to fulfill its function properly. Hence, leather is the best choice and so that’s what’s used, though the range of leathers that can be used is astounding, some more suited to the job than others. Here’s the main few that you’ll find and the pros and cons of each.

Cowhide leather: This material is relatively cheap, lacks stretch, and has a suppleness that can very immensely. As a result, this material is usually used in gloves at the lower end of the price spectrum. However, they’re very durable and the low price means they’re perfect for someone with a low budget or someone who wants something quick and convenient. Additionally, this is the choice we’d recommend for those that regularly lose their gloves... you know who you are.

Lamb Nappa: This is a very supple and flexible leather ideal for dress gloves. Though this comes at a cost, as its salubriousness and desirability have lead to this material usually being seen in gloves that sit in the upper quartile of the price range. The cost in our opinion is worth it as it’s one of the finest glove leathers available, further developing a unique patina and characteristic creases over time.

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