What Does A Red Anjou Taste Like?

15 Nov.,2022


Red Fragrant Pear

As the name suggests, the Red Anjou is a vibrant red pear that is shaped like an egg. Often simply labeled “red pear” in the supermarket, they're hard to miss on the shelf. Although most people have tried a green pear at least once in their life, red pears are a lot less common. Would you like to know what a Red Anjou tastes like? We're about to provide you with all the answers so let's dive in.
Table of Contents

  • What do Red Anjou pears taste like?
  • Uses in the kitchen
  • Ripening a Red Anjou
  • Nutrition
  • Fast facts about Red Anjous
  • Summing up

What do Red Anjou pears taste like?

A ripe Red Anjou pear has a mild and sweet flavor with subtle hints of lemon and lime. There is a slightly tangy taste although this is much less pronounced than the overall sweetness. Its flesh is usually white or creamy with a dense, slightly gritty texture that is very juicy. The smooth, shiny skin is thin and has a deep red shade with some occasional random striations.

A Red Anjou has the same flavor profile as a Green Anjou. It is crisper and less sweet than a Bartlett; sweeter and less crisp than a Bosc; crisper and less sweet than a Starkrimson. Check out the following table for a flavor comparison between some common varieties of pear.

Pear TypeTextureSweetness Red AnjouSoft and juicyHigh Green AnjouSoft and juicyHigh BartlettExtremely soft and juicyHigh BoscVery crispModerate ComiceExtremely soft and juicyExtreme ConcordeCrispExtreme ForelleCrispModerate SeckelVery crispModerate StarkrimsonExtremely soft and juicyHigh

Uses in the kitchen

Red Anjou pears have the same culinary uses as the green variety. It is a versatile fruit that can be poached, baked, grilled, or roasted. The standout feature of this pear has to be its red skin which has a nice appearance and is enjoyable to eat. We recommend dicing up the fruit and adding it to a garden salad or a colorful fruit salad.

  • Like any pear, it is delicious eaten out of hand or sliced into quarters for a less messy option.
  • Red Anjous are excellent for poaching in red wine with a sprinkle of cinnamon. The flavor intensifies and the texture softens, making them a delicious dessert served with cream or mascarpone.
  • The pear works well with a range of flavors including cheese, onions, garlic, olives, nuts, cinnamon, cardamom, meat, poultry, and basil.
  • Add them to smoothies or soups if the fruit becomes overripe and the texture is too soft to eat.
  • During the festive season use Red Anjous as an eye-catching centerpiece for the table. They are a fitting choice for a special Valentine's Day meal.

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Ripening a Red Anjou

A Red Anjou will ripen best when left at room temperature. It is difficult to tell when the pear is ripe just from looking at its color as it won't change a lot during ripening. To test if the fruit is ready to eat gently press a finger into the flesh near the stem. If it yields slightly then it is ripe.

Ripening the pear generally takes four days from the time it is purchased in-store. However, it may take up to a week depending on the level of ripeness when it is displayed on the store's shelf. Don't be in too much of a hurry to slice open your fruit before they are completely ripe as it won't be as sweet and juicy.

The ripening process can be sped up by placing the pears into a brown paper bag along with a banana. Fold over the top of the bag and leave at room temperature - this will easily half the time it takes to ripen the fruit. Once the pears are ripe, they are best stored in the fridge to maintain their freshness for longer.


The Red Anjou pear is a good source of dietary fibre containing 6 grams in one medium-sized fruit. It contains 100 calories per serve and has no saturated fat, cholesterol, or sodium. A medium pair will contain about one gram of protein; however, it also contains 16 grams of sugar so they should be eaten in moderation. You will also get 10% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

Fast facts about Red Anjous

  • They are also known as a D'Anjou pears or Beurré d'Anjous.
  • Their botanical name is the Pyrus communis and they are a member of the Rosaceae or rose family.
  • They are a medium-sized pear with a diameter of about 3 inches (8 centimeters) and their shape is short and squat.
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Summing up

If you happen to stumble upon a pile of Red Anjou pears at your local farmer's market or food store then you may be wondering what they taste like. If you've tasted a Green Anjou, then you'll already be familiar with the flavor of this fruit as the two taste the same. The only difference between the two varieties is their skin color.

A Red Anjou has a mild and sweet flavor with a subtle citrus undertone. It is a versatile fruit in the kitchen and can be used in a wide number of recipes in cooking. Raw or cooked, this fruit is well worth buying and even the fussiest eater will find it difficult faulting this mild-flavored fruit.

What is your favorite type of pear? Please let us know in the comments below.