Red fragrant pears from Shaanxi attracting markets abroad

15 Nov.,2022


Red Fragrant Pear

The new season red fragrant pears from Shaanxi Province have become available. These pears are famous for their juiciness, sweet taste and medicinal benefits for the lungs. “Our fruit has just become available in parts of China and the price started high. This is mainly due to the influence of the low fruit stocks, especially apples, from last year. Compared with other products with a similar reputation, such as Fengshui pears and Crown pears, our pears taste better and are more popular with the public. At the moment, the price of our red fragrant pears has steadily dropped back to the average price of previous years.” Mr. Liu from Shandong NorNA Co., Ltd. commented.

According to Mr. Liu, the red fragrant pear has a thousand years of history. In ancient times, it was given to the court as a tribute. These pears are not only crisp and refreshing but also have high nutritional and health value. “Our current pear cultivation area is 400,000 mu, and is pest-free. Our export pears are priced at 745-850 US dollars per ton. Our products are divided into A and B grades, packaged according to different requirements. The price differs slightly, but our export products are usually in this price range. We are, of course, also affected by the China-US trade war this year. There have been fewer orders for export to the United States, but there are still many customers who are willing to buy our products.”

The fragrant pear is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The sugar content is about 13% on average. Regular consumption is very beneficial to health. These pears can be consumed raw or cooked, by young or old. “We have been exporting these pears for about 10 years. We are very professional in fruit selection, packaging, and transportation. Fragrant pears from Shaanxi have been exported to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries, and are appreciated by our customers all around the world. We are looking for suitable distributors abroad to allow more people to taste our pears."

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