How do you tell if a melon is ripe on the vine? –

02 Mar.,2023


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The melon’s green rind will take on a creamy yellowish color. If the color is right, gently push on the end of the melon opposite from the stem. If there is a slight give, the melon is probably ripe. These don’t come off the vine as easily as cantaloupes, so use a knife or scissors to cut the melon from the vine.

How do you know when a melon is ripe on the vine?

Quote from video: The fruit. And if it separates and pulls away cleanly. Then it's ready to pick. But if it doesn't come off easily then just let it continue to ripen until the stem comes off easily.

How can you tell if a melon is ripe and sweet?

Tip 2: Tap the underbelly and listen for a deep sound

A ripe melon will have a deeper sound, as opposed to an over-ripe one that will have a more hollow or flat sound. A duller, more hollow sound can mean the flesh is starting to go soft and spoil.

Does melon ripen off the vine?

Melons don’t ripen as they age like other fruit. “In general, melons will not change significantly once they’re harvested from the vine,” Green explains.

How do you know when a melon is done growing?

Harvest watermelons when the underside or belly of the fruit turns from a greenish white to buttery yellow or cream. This color change is especially pronounced on the dark green skinned varieties. In addition, the fruit tends to lose its slick appearance on top and becomes dull when ripe.

How can you tell when a honeydew is ripe on the vine?

When ripe, the color of the rind should be a creamy yellow rather than green, and the rind will become smooth and waxy rather than dusky. If you press on the bottom of a ripe honeydew (the opposite end from where it’s attached to the vine), it should feel slightly soft or at least a little springy.

How do you pick a ripe melon?

Holding the melon in your hands, give the surface a light knock. It should have a deep hollow sound, which means the melon is ripe and juicy. Give it a Sniff. Though watermelon does not give off a scent when uncut, ripe honeydew melon or cantaloupe gives off a faintly sweet aroma.

What does a ripe cantaloupe look like?

A ripe cantaloupe will have beige, tan, creamy yellow or golden rind. Green rind indicates that the fruit is unripe. The fruit will have a raised, textured webbing on its exterior. Don’t be concerned with discoloration – this is usually just the spot where the melon rested on the ground while being grown in the field.

Will cantaloupe ripen off the vine?

Some, like watermelon, do not continue to ripen once harvested. Therefore, flavor will not improve nor will they become sweeter—t is what it is at harvest. However, cantaloupe and similar fruit will continue to ripen after harvest.

How do I know when to pick my cantaloupe?

How and When to Harvest Cantaloupes

  1. When rinds begin to change from green to tan or yellow, the melon is typically ripe enough to pick. …
  2. Look for a crack in the stem where it attaches to the fruit. …
  3. Harvest melon when vines are dry, and be careful not to damage them.

Can you leave a watermelon on the vine too long?

Like any fruit, it will last well if you leave it on the vine, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it forever. The plant will cut off water and nutrient supply to the fruit after it’s ripe, and the fruit will start to lose its flavor and sweetness, and it will eventually start to decay in the heat.

How do you ripen a honeydew melon at home?

She recommends that you ripen them faster in a perforated paper bag. When ripe, refrigerate. Cut melons should be wrapped in plastic to contain the odor. Do not remove the seeds until ready to eat because the seeds keep the flesh from drying out.
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What does a honeydew melon look like?

Quote from video: Are right now this golden skin honeydew it does have a green that whitish green flesh like the traditional honeydew. But they're super sweet and delicious.

How long does it take a honeydew to ripen?

Honeydew melons mature in 65 to 100 days, depending on the cultivar.

How do you pick a good honeydew melon?


  1. Don’t pick a green honeydew; pick a white or yellow one. …
  2. Feel the outside of the smooth rind. …
  3. The blossom end (opposite of the stem) should give a bit when light pressure is applied.
  4. The whole melon should have a strong, sweet smell.

How can you tell a sweet melon?

Quote from video: So finally when you're looking to pick a ripe honeydew or cantaloupe is you want to smell the cut stamina. And if it has a strong aroma of the fruit. Then you know you have a ripe melon.

How can you tell if a melon is good?

Don’t forget the smell test. This works best with melons like cantaloupes and honeydew. Push your fingers on the round section where the vine was attached. It should be slightly soft and should smell fresh and fragrant with a hint of sweetness.

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