Ask Dr. G: "What The Heck Is Nutritional Yeast, and Should I Be Eating It?"

18 Oct.,2022


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Geoff Black

Have you guys heard of nutritional yeast? I've read that it has all kinds of health benefits, but, honestly, I haven't given it a try. So, I recruited an expert to give us the scoop...

****Important point of clarification: "Nutritional" yeast is not the yeast you bake with, says Melina Jampolis, M.D., a health expert for CNN.

"Nutritional yeast is a type of yeast that has been specially cultured for optimal nutrition value and good taste," she says. "It is a very good source of complete protein (important for vegans and vegetarians), fiber, and B vitamins. It is definitely a healthy and tasty addition to a balanced diet. Lots of vegans use it in cooking, and I'm addicted to these kale chips that are baked with it as they taste like Parmesan crusted chips but are super healthy."

Where can you buy it? Most health foodie stores sell nutritional yeast, and you might even get lucky at your local grocery store. Just ask next time you're out shopping.


Do you guys cook with/eat nutritional yeast?__

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